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Sauer - Match II


Sauer – Match II


With the Match II shooting sling, the length of the angled arm loop can be infinitely adjusted by means of a two-pronged buckle. In this section, the inside of the sling is lined with high-quality Top Grip material to give the best possible grip. In the forearm area, the Match II is now likewise fitted with a single belt to give better contact with the forearm and wrist. The loop for passing through the hand stop swivel is adjustable, making the sling suitable for all makes of rifle. The front length adjustment is performed by means of a two-pronged buckle. Due to the properties of the synthetic material with the integrated fiberglass insert, the shooting sling adjusts ideally to the firing position and is absolutely non-distorting and efficient. The shooting sling is available in right-handed or left-handed versions.

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