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Sauer - Thermal Pant

Sauer Thermal Pant


Sauer’s practical underwear is made of Polartec, a modern, extremely breathable, body-hugging bi-elastic four-way stretch fabric. These garments are extremely comfortable to wear. The material thickness complies with regulations. The fabric is double-layered at the elbows to provide padding in the prone and kneeling positions. The inside elbows feature a thin stretch fabric to prevent material bunching. The composition of this material minimizes the risk of a “throbbing pulse” caused by the shooting sling in the kneeling and prone positions. The Polartec fabric fits snugly, keeps the skin dry during physical exertion, and is windproof and abrasion-resistant.

For more comfortable donning, the shirts have a continuous 2-way zipper. Women’s and men’s shirts are cut differently: the women’s is tapered and the men’s is straight. The men’s shirts have a breast pocket with a zip fastener. Both the women’s and men’s shirts are cut longer in the back to keep the back covered when kneeling.

The comfortable thermal underpants are also made of high-quality Polartec material and feature all the positive properties of this material combination. The pants are mainly seamless to avoid irritating pressure points and have both an elastic waistband and a drawstring. As a special feature, they also have a practical seat pocket with zip fastener. The sizes are unisex.

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