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TEC-HRO Carbon Tripod 3.0


TEC-HRO Carbon Tripod 3.0


The latest 3.0 version of our Carbon Tripod is even lighter, more practical and more eye-catching in a range of brilliant colours.


Rifle tripods relieve pressure and strain on the shooters back between shots and are considered by many as one of the most important accessories for successful rifle shooting. Our tripods comply with the requirements to be a support for the rifle, with one hand always remaining on the rifle.


Improvements built into the Carbon Tripod 3.0 include:

  • New, lighter fiberglass and carbon fibre tubes, reducing weight to only 1250 grammes
  • Tubes available in five brilliant colours
  • A new foot design with feet splayed at 100° angles to reduce overall weight and increase stability
  • Quick-release levers for the rifle and ammunition racks
  • Infinite swivel-adjustment for the ammunition rack
  • The ability to position the ammunition rack on the upper, middle and lower tubes for ease of use in standing and kneeling positions
  • 5 cm more extendable height with a maximum tripod height of 170 cm

Popular features carried over to the 3.0 from previous models include: 

  • High quality milled aluminium and POM plastic racks for the rifle and ammunition
  • Small disassembled dimensions of 67cm (L) and 9 cm (diameter)
  • Supplied with a tripod bag
  • Tool-less fast set-up and take-down
  • Small-footprint geometry to allow placement of the tripod directly to the line without taking unnecessary firing point space
  • Rifle shelf located on the side of the tripod tube, to reduce movement from the shooting position
  • Robust, light and warm-to-the touch fiberglass and carbon tubes and quick release levers

The Carbon Tripod 3.0 offers high quality and a wide-range of features with excellent value for money, and we believe it to be the best tripod on the market.

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