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Steyr - evo 10 Compact Black

STEYR evo 10 Compact Black Air Pistol


  1. After the legendary LP10 Steyr comes now with a new and even better pistol, the Steyr Evo 10.
  2. New 8 duct compensator
  3. Rotable front sight and rear sight
  4. Patented STEYR Stabilizer from the nearby unbeatable LP 10
  5. Three barrel vents steady the weapon additionally when shot is released
  6. Infinitely adjustable STEYR precision ball bearing trigger
  7. Maximum safety: shot only possible when bolt is fully closed
  8. Redesigned loading area for better access
  9. Better adjustment of the rear sight depth
  10. Enlarged trigger guard for shooters with long fingers
  11. Redesigned grips

Additional information


Technical data

Brand Steyr
Status New
Calibre 4.5 mm / .177
Power source PCP
Fill pressure (bar / psi) 200 / 2900
Energy (Joule) 7.5
Weight (gram) 900
Barrel Length (mm) 180
Sight length (mm) 266-315
Total length (mm) 350
Stock material Wood
Stock Left / Right
Extras Case, Extra cilinder, Fill probe, Loopgewicht, Tools


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