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Champion - Olympic Lady/ Olympic Junior Shooting Frame

Olympic Lady/ Olympic Junior Shooting Frame


le shooters and junior shooters)

The new models ”Olympic Lady” and “Olympic Junior” are is specially designed for smaller faces and therefore perfectly for Ladies and Junior shooters. Technically it’s a high tech model with all the feature of the ”Olympic Champion”. The lateral lens position and bridge height are micro-adjustable on the face without any tool. These sophisticated frames are very light in weight. The spring loaded sides can be adjusted for length.

The “Olympic Lady” and the “Olympic Junior” have an adjustable offset bridge (movable to right or left) allowing the shooter, with an optional nosepiece, to sight over the bridge of the nose.

Shooting glasses with cases, without lens holder and shield.
Art. No. 50203  Olympic Junior in anthracite
Art. No. 50204  Olympic Lady in violet

Lens holders and shields

Art. No. 25001 Lens holder rifle Ø25mm
Art. No. 32001 Lens holder Ø32mm
Art. No. 42001 Lens holder pistol Ø42mm
Art. No. 41034 Combined shield ISSF
Art. No. 41035
Combined shield with side cover

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