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Champion - Nosepieces

Champion Nosepieces


Nosepieces  in various lengths.


Art. No. Description
30027 WC-3 long
30028 WC-3 normal
40027 WC-4 long
40027 R WC-4 long right
40027 L WC-4 long left
40028 WC-4 normal
40028 R WC-4 normal right
40028 L WC-4 normal left
50027 OLYMPIC long
50028 OLYMPIC normal
50029 OLYMPIC extra long
70027 R SUPEROLYMPIC long right
70027 L SUPEROLYMPIC long left
70028 R SUPEROLYMPIC normal right
70028 L SUPEROLYMPIC normal left
70029 R SUPEROLYMPIC extra long right
70029 L SUPEROLYMPIC extra long left

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