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Anschutz - 9015 junior

feinwerkbau Model 800 Evolution Top Air Rifle


This air rifle is designed similar to the regular model 800 Evolution, but has extra improved features such as the comfort line buttplate. It also has slightly more weight, overall length, and more adjustable sight length for this “Top” version.

• Ambidextrous stock
• 20 click match rear sight and 22mm front sight
• 4×4-vario-sight adjustable sight riser
• Adjustable hand rest
• Cheek piece that pivots and is adjustable in height and length
• Comfort Line Buttplate: two separately adustable contact elements (25 mm wide), each contact element can be adjusted individually and continuously in height, the contact elements can be tilted, & different possibilities of fixing the mounting plate.
• Interior absorber.
• Total weight: approx. 8.8 lbs.
• Total length: 39.75” to 43.70” adjustable
• Sight line length: 22.44” to 31.89” adjustable
• Includes 200 BAR filling adaptor & discharge screw
• Delivered well packed in a Styrofoam box

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