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Feinwerkbau - Model 800X

Feinwerkbau Model 800X


World-class accuracy is available with the FWB 800X air rifle! In fact, you’ll never outgrow this airgun…even if you’re an Olympic contender. With accuracy of 0.04″ (center-to-center), you’ll leave the competition standing in your wake. Because this rifle is powered by high-pressure air, the cocking lever requires an easy 2 lbs. of effort. To help you get more practice time without wasting pellets, use the dry-fire mechanism.

Engineered by the famous Feinwerkbau factory in Oberndorf, Germany, the Feinwerkbau 800X is suitable for all shooters due to its infinite adjustability. The butt can be adjusted in virtually every direction. The medium grip is probably going to suit most shooters, and it’s available in right-hand and left-hand versions.

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Tachnical Data

Caliber   4.5 mm/.177
Total length approx.   1065 – 1185 mm
Total height approx 230 – 290 mm
Sight length approx.            610 – 950 mm
Sight height from barrel centre approx. 27 (40 – 60) mm
Barrel length approx 425 mm
Total weight approx 4.7 Kg
Stock Aluminium
Stock length approx. 760 – 835 mm
Trigger weight approx. 30 – 90 g
Longitudinal trigger adj. 27 mm
Length of barrel sleeve 585 mm
Barrel sleeve Ø approx. 19,7 mm


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