Regular Price 144,900 and For Renowned Shooter Rs.11,2800

SCATT MX-W2 — the newest model in the lineup of SCATT MX – series systems.
With this system, you can practice at the reduced and real distances, indoors and outdoors, in dryfire mode (no-ammo) and live-fire mode (real shooting). Wireless optical sensor – can be mounted on most types of guns. It can sync with computers and portable devices via Wi-Fi. Sensor’s operating time from a fully charged battery is at least 3 hours.



1) For indoors/outdoors use*
2) Distance to the target – from 2 to 1000 m
3) Optical sensor type – wireless / wired (Wi-Fi / USB connection)
4) Optical sensor size: 34 x 35 x 60 mm
5) Optical sensor weight: 56 g
6) Software – SCATT Expert (for Windows and Mac OS)