Hammerli AR20 Pro Right Medium Black Red

A high-quality air rifle is needed to do well in a competition. Your shots are to be accurate and they must also be fired off in a timely manner. Each great shot will increase your confidence and performance. Comfort and mastery of your air rifle will also make your feel more relaxed during competition which can also result in better shooting.

There are many air guns out there, but only certain ones have a wide array of settings that allow you to truly customize it and make it as comfortable as possible for you to optimally operate.

This black and red plated Walther AR20 Pro air rifle is not only equipped with a 300 bar compressed air system, a two-stage trigger, .177 caliber, a Alu cylinder with pressure gauge, aluminum stock carrier, a pro competition sight, and a wide loading recess with precision feed, but it also comes fully loaded with a wide array of customizable settings make it look and feel like yours.

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